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Now Available through

Dramatic Publishing

"Thompson weilds a mighty pen, crossing dramatic infusion with comedic light-heartedness. The extended bit on Harold Pinter is pretty priceless."

-Jim Hebert, San Diego Union-Tribune

In a rapid paced well coordinated fast and furious, no time to take a breath, shout out of all the works of Simon, Williams and Pinter, the amazing show of aptitude and agility is worth the price of the ticket. Now that’s what I bargained for. This stunt is hilarious and well worth the wait.

-Carol Davis, San Diego Examiner

"A masterpiece of comedic proportions!"

- Mac Wellman, Playwright

Now Available through

Dramatic Publishing

And this piece burns with intensity. Beautifully crafted with poetic resourcefulness. Equally beautiful in the hands of the five actors, Thompson’s language soars and gives true life to the deaths of those unfortunate souls. Striking similar notes to Ted Talley’s Terra Nova, each character captures how they face death with poise and contrast.

- Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader - Critic’s Pick

"His language is raw, searing, sometimes beautiful/awful.  Snaking through his stories is the elusive Truth, often twisted and distorted, warped and manipulated, until no one knows or hears it any more. He paints  powerful work on a potent piece of writing."

-Pat Launer, KPBS

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